Clasico Oval Serving Platter

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img_1407 copy.jpg

Clasico Oval Serving Platter

from 35.00

Part of the blue Clasico collection, this platter is a must have for dinner parties. It's the perfect size for shared dishes such as spaghetti, roasted potatoes or salad. 

Get the base of the platter monogrammed for an additional $20. Select "Yes" below and we will follow up to gather your details.


Artisan to Table: How It Works

Our ceramics are handmade, from raw clay to finished product, by our artisan partners in Carmen de Viboral, Colombia, a region awarded Denomination of Origin for their iconic, hand-painted ceramics.

Orders require 10-12 weeks production and shipping time. Your shipment will arrive direct from the factory.

Due to the nature of our products and shipping costs, we have a minimum order of $300.


Addl Details

13" width, 9" depth, 1" height

Hand painted in Colombia with love.

Food, microwave and dishwasher safe.


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