Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter

About a month ago I learned something about my grandfather that sent chills down my spine.

I never had the chance to meet my grandpa, my mom's father. He passed away several years before I was born, but I have heard stories about him all my life.

He had a big, demanding presence, loved to hunt and fish, and spent most of his career in the oil business in Texas and Alaska. Despite his tough exterior, he had a soft spot for my sweet momma, his little girl.

Grandpa Francis Dale Reed was raised in New Mexico, where he attended the New Mexico School of Mines. Soon thereafter he married the love of his life, my grandma Polly, and in the early 1940s was sent to Europe to serve in the Army in WWII.

Over the holidays my mom and I were talking about ceramics/dinnerware/fine china (are you surprised that she is a collector??) and she brought up the blue and white Meissen porcelain my grandfather brought back from war for my grandma Polly.


Wait. What??

Of all the things by grandfather brought back from Germany, he brought back several huge pieces of porcelain? 

I wow, that's really cool.

My own grandfather had an appreciation for ceramics/china, just like me.

For some reason, something inside of me felt like the pieces of the puzzle kind of came together. Maybe this whole shebang isn't a total coincidence?

Meissen is world famous for its exquisite quality and hand-painted technique. It's crossed-swords logo is one of the world's oldest trademarks (and they still use today!).

Having been in the pottery business for a couple years now I know how difficult it is to travel with ceramics and to imagine that Grandpa Dale packed several large porcelain platters in his Army trunks just blows my mind.

Even a soldier in WWII could appreciate Meissen's gorgeous porcelain.


Pretty neat.


Have a beautiful week,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics