Azulina + Marina Orth Foundation: Teaching Girls to Code

Today we have a BIG announcement and to celebrate Azulina is donating 20% of this week's profits to our new charity partner. To shop, click here.

Azulina Founder Melissa Moriarty with Maureen Orth, Founder of the Marina Orth Foundation, at the Marina Orth School in Medellín, Colombia

Azulina Ceramics is officially joining forces with the Marina Orth Foundation to support education in underprivileged areas in and around Medellín, Colombia.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Marina Orth Foundation, a 501c(3) charity, supports five schools and 3200 children with laptops who begin learning how to code in the third grade and speak English from kindergarten. 

We are initiating the partnership to help further the Marina Orth Foundation's support of information technology, English language and leadership education in five schools, two of which are in the town of El Carmen de Viboral where our ceramics are made. The children of our artisan partners attend these schools!

Melissa and Maureen with Girls Who Have Learned to Code and Build Video Games on Computers provided by the Marina Orth Foundation

Connecting with the organization's founder, Maureen Orth, was nothing less than serendipitous. The three pillars of her foundation: bilingual education, technology and leadership, are perfectly aligned with the skills I believe are critical to the success of Colombian children in the 21st century. 

In my case, becoming fluent in Spanish was the primary reason for my being able to start an international business and work with Colombian artisans.  I am thrilled to partner with an organization that invests in bilingual education. Children of the artisans I work with attend the schools that Ms. Orth’s foundation supports.

To celebrate the partnership, from November 2nd to November 6th, 20% of all profits made at Azulina's online store will benefit the Marina Orth Foundation.

Con Mucho Amor,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics