Europe Bound: My Travel Essentials

In just a couple days my sweet bf and I are heading off to Italy and France for several weeks. And get this...we're spending my birthday in PARIS. I think I have died and gone to heaven.

I love to travel, but even more so, I love to travel in a way that makes me feel like I am living where I am visiting. I prefer to rent an apartment or stay at a small B&B.

We'll be traveling to Florence, Paris, Cinque Terre, the Chianti Region, Sardinia and Rome, in that order. The plan is to relax, eat and drink a lot, read and just enjoy life...with a short kitesurfing stint in Sardinia.

Luckily, Azulina doesn't skip a beat thanks to technology these days. Gracias, high-speed internet!

Our teeny apartment in Le Marais, Paris. Photo taken by Room Selection.

The whole packing process is always an experience. It starts with a calendar I draw out, where I outline my outfits for each day. Next, I try everything on and then carefully pack my bags--it's like playing Tetris. And takes about three hours. Despite being high-maintenance, I can be surprisingly efficient. I know you don't believe me so I'll post photos of my luggage this weekend (#azulinagoestoeurope).

Since Europe is oh so delicious and you can have fun with packing for a trip like this, I thought you'd get a kick out of knowing what my travel essentials are.

MKM Packing List

Waiter Corkscrew This is a no brainer. This one is just right.

Ugly but Amazing Neck Pillow and Ugly but Soft Eye Mask . The neck pillow is so geeky and takes up a ton of space, but I cannot sleep on a plane without it.

Super soaker towel. I have had mine for 10 years now. It is awesome for quickly drying off on the beach and sand doesn't stick to it. And if you are staying somewhere with crunchy towels, it's a nice alternative.

Longchamp fold up bags. I always come home with more than I brought with me. And if push comes to shove, you can check these puppies.

Sarong When you are going to be spending a lot of time on the beach and want to travel light, sarongs are the BEST--you can use it as a cover-up, a picnic cloth and to save your spot on the beach. Here is a really hilarious one.

Wayuu mochila. It's just so chic and pretty. And the tie at the top keeps your wallet and other goodies safe from pick-pockets. I got mine when I traveled to La Guajira a couple months back.

Small but awesome camera I have a big fancy Nikon but it's been four years since I bought it and I still can't figure out how to use it. Plus, it screams "tourist!!!" My point and shoot Canon takes incredible photos and requires no skills.

GAP tees Cotton is your friend when it's 90 degrees out. I picked up a few of these tees while I was in SF last month. They pair with everything and are chic enough to dress up or down.

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Hasta pronto!


Con Mucho Amor,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics

There is a slight chance I may not come home. Photo credit