Azulina Travels: La Guajira

Travel is for me as cleanses are for all you healthy people. It brings me back to equilibrium.

Two weeks ago I completely un-plugged (I left my computer at home!!!) and traveled to the northernmost tip of Colombia, El Cabo de la Vela in the La Guajira Department. It's where the desert meets the sea and is uncomfortably close to the Venezuelan border.

It has since become one of the most amazing trips of my life.

My bf and I arrived into Riohacha, the capital of La Guajira, around midday and were welcomed by a slap in the face of boiling hot desert temps as we got off the plane. It was like opening an oven door.

We found our kite surfing group and then loaded into a 20-year old Landcruiser, the region's preferred form of transportation, and were on our way. It took us three hours, including a brief pit stop at this "gas station".

Over the course of the next three days we spent hours laying in hammocks, swallowing gallons of salt water as we learned how to kite surf (it was fun, I promise!), eating lobster EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and listening to the waves.

I was so busy doing nothing I didn't even have time to read the book I brought with me.

It's hard to explain why this place was so...amazing. There is so little to do and see, that you take time to talk, enjoy the water and just do nothing. There are so few places on this planet where you can do that.

It also has some of the most beautiful, desolate landscapes I've ever seen.

As for the kite felt impossible, scary and powerful. I was so close to quitting about five times (I have an irrational fear of touching the ocean floor--don't ask), but I didn't. When you find yourself in a situation where you are learning something new that is as equally terrifying as it is gratifying, you are doing something good for you.

It felt good, even though I didn't even get on the board. And I like challenges, so we are already signing up for another round of classes in August.

Trips like the one I took to La Guajira are good for the soul. I came back feeling human again. I felt like I got back to basics. I visited a place that is decades away from development and all I can think about is planning my next trip to do it all over again.

Add it to your bucket list.

Con Mucho Amor,

Founder, Azulina Ceramics