Exploring Colombia: Paloquemao Market

This past weekend I finally visited Bogotá's famous mercado, Paloquemao (palo-kay-mow) and it was just plain old cool. It is a huge indoor/outdoor market where you can find fresh flowers, meat, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables, spices and housewares.

The most spectacular part is the flower market and especially the roses (cool fact: Colombia is the world's largest exporter of roses). The flower stalls take over the parking lot from 4am until 11am every single day and the prices are simply incredible. I bought TWO dozen cream roses for $2.50. I mean. Come on. There is no excuse to not have fresh flowers in my house every single week.

God bless Colombia.

Paloquemao Entrance
Fruit Stand

My market purchases for the day...

Have a wonderful day!

Con Mucho Amor,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics