Azulina Tips: Spring Cleaning

Spring is thinking about springing, so it’s time to get to cleaning…or just moving things around (your choice, we won’t tell!).  We love a change of season. It gives you the opportunity to bring out something old so it feels new and to bring out color in your home décor (and wardrobe too).

Taking inspiration from a recent post from our friends at High Heels and Handlebars about Peter Walsh’s “31 days to get organized,” we wanted to share some quick tips on cleaning and storing your dinnerware to get ready for spring.

Pairing Azulina with Spode

Pairing Azulina with Spode

Mix and match your patterns

If you have a transitional pattern (i.e. it does NOT have a large Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus), don’t be afraid to mix and match with something brighter. For example, our Lima pattern pairs wells with Spode Woodland.


When storing your dinnerware try to leave a buffer of some kind in-between items so they don’t clink together. Styrofoam picnic plates are a great, economic option (also a helpful moving tip!).

Store in an upright position

Cups, bowls and mugs should be stored rim side up, to prevent chipping.

Stick together

Stack like items together (i.e. plates with plates, bowls with bowls), and store larger items on the bottom of the stack. Remember: when stacking, place something soft in-between each plate to prevent scratches.

Protect your paint

Dinnerware will have a longer lifespan if it is stored in areas that do not have dramatic fluctuations in temperature (like a garage or attic) – dramatic changes can cause tiny cracks in the glaze over time that can eventually lead to breakage.

Hagerty China Storage Set

Hagerty China Storage Set

Storage bags (with labels) make life easier

Sometimes, when things are out of sight, they are out of mind. Personally, I think you will use your dinnerware more if it is easy to get to, and if you know what is what. To make it easier, we suggest using china storage bags. You can label the outside with your pattern (i.e. Christmas China); not to mention the bags will protect your goods from clinks and dust. We like these from Amazon.

Lemons are for Salads

Last but not least, just say NO to any dishwasher or hand soap that is lemon or citrus scented. It will eventually damage your dinnerware; not to mention it can dry out your hands. Stick with unscented soap or something with aloe.


Have a great week!



Director of Marketing, Azulina Ceramics