Azulina Goes to Market

My goodness I am glad to be home again!

I am exhausted, but also exploding with new design ideas and knowledge, thanks to all the amazing people I met last week at the Atlanta and Dallas markets.

I went to the Atlanta market first to just walk the show, see the different types of merchandise and to meet with showrooms. Then I was off to Dallas where we officially launched the Azulina brand at the Dallas Market.

As a result of the Dallas show we are now going to be selling in several new stores in the Southwest and on East Coast!! Yeaa!

Launching in Dallas was actually pretty cool. I nearly cried when I walked up to our display on the first day. It was one of those surreal moments that lasts just a millisecond and makes you think "I can't believe this is really happening." I wish I could trigger that daily.

Just months after I first thought of the idea to start Azulina (circa 2012) I found myself in a fabulous little gift shop in Sonoma. At that point in time I knew nothing about selling ceramics. I was still in my ask-as-many-dumb-questions-as-possible mode.

The store owners were super friendly and told me that they shop for all their merchandise at the NY and Paris gift shows--if I wanted to get the attention of store owners like them I would need to exhibit my ceramics line at such a show (AKA market).

It has been my mission since that day to exhibit Azulina at market.

Thanks to a few personal connections, we landed an amazing opportunity to exhibit at the Dallas Market in a beautiful showroom called the Cassmeyer Collection.

A couple lines you may recognize who also exhibit there include Le Cadeaux, Skyros, Mariposa and Julia Knight.

While selling is certainly fun, I really enjoyed the time I spent talking with the other vendors in the showroom. I learned all sorts of tips about how to best set up visuals, what type of buyers like what type of assortment, blah, blah, blah.

I thought it was pretty darn cool to meet people who are doing the same thing I am.

We'll be back in Dallas for the June market and hopefully Atlanta too. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

And with that...I am going to start unpacking because this is what my living room looks like right now:

IMG_4565 - Version 2.jpg


Hasta Luego!


Con Mucho Amor,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics

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