Playing Tourist Take 2: A Visitor's Guide to Medellin

Medellín is a magical place. There is something just indescribable about it. For starters, the weather is a comfortable 65-80 year-round. It reminds me of Colorado in the and crisp in the morning and warm during the daytime. Delish.


It also reminds me of Texas, actually. People who are from Medellín and the surrounding areas are called Paisas. And like Texans, they are full of Paisa orgullo (pride), and rightly so. They are industrious, surrounded by beautiful country and love horses, red meat and big trucks. They are also some of the friendliest people I have ever met. It's no wonder I fell in love with Medellín at first reggaeton back in 2011.

My mom came to town to visit and we touristed like pros in Bogotá and Medellín, with a quick stint to El Carmen de Viboral. To read about Bogotá scroll down to see last weeks' post

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

While my mom was in town we tried to get as much in as possible, while still sleeping-in like college kids.

Here is what we did:

  • Toured the factory where Azulina is made in El Carmen de Viboral
  • Dined at my favorite restaurant Carmen
  • Rode the Metrocable up the mountainside
  • Ate pizza at Pizzeria Olivia in Envigado
  • Bought leather horse products at Guillermo Londoño (if you like leather goods you will ADORE this place)
  • Walked around Parque Lleras
  • Ate breakfast at the gringo-friendly Flip Flop Sandwich Shop
  • Visited the Botanical Gardens (Jardín Botánico)
  • Shopped on Medellín's newest shopping street, La Via Primavera


Things we didn't do that I wish we had enough time to do:

  • Picnic and ride horses at Parque Arví
  • Eat at Queareparaenamorarte
  • Try exotic fruit juices at La Frutera
  • Visit El Museo Botero


View from the Metrocable

View from the Metrocable

I recommend that you stay in the El Poblado neighborhood. It is easy to get around, you can walk to most places and it is very safe. We stayed at the Art Hotel, a boutique hotel in the walkable Parque Lleras neighborhood of El Poblado. For $115 per night, including WiFi and breakfast, it was a great deal and my now go-to hotel recommendation.

Hasta pronto,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics


p.s. Do you like coffee? Next week we are profiling the co-founder of Azahar Coffee, a Colombian company supporting local coffee growing one local roasting at a time. I think you'll like to hear what its co-founder, Tyler Youngblood, has to share!


Guillermo Londoño Saddleshop

Guillermo Londoño Saddleshop

Orquideorama at Botanical Gardens

Leaf Closeup at Botanical Gardens

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