150 Pounds of Flowers

I just got back from my latest trip to Colombia's second city, Medellín, and I have so many pictures to share!

Most big cities and towns in Colombia celebrate what is called a "feria" each year. And in August Medellín celebrates its feria, which is called la Feria de las Flores. It is a week-long festival that celebrates flowers, horses, music and dancing. This year was its 56th anniversary.

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The Feria is filled with tons of events, parades and....well...more flowers than you could possibly imagine. The culmination of the event, and what the festival is best known for, is the silleteros parade. Let me explain what a silletero is and what the parade entails.

In the hills outside of Medellín there is a town called Santa Elena where hundreds of farmers grow, sell and export many varieties of flowers. A silletero(a) is a flower farmer who carries a silleta on his/her back in a parade that marches through the streets of Medellín.

The silleta is like a wooden saddle for humans. Uncomfortable, right? It looks and functions like a backpack upon which a huge flat platform (up to 6' in diameter!) of flowers is attached, weighing up to 150 lbs. and carrying up to 80-100 different varieties of locally grown flowers. It looks like a thick carpet of colorful, fresh flowers. It also looks crazy heavy.

The days leading up to the parade the silleteros and their families work together to create their own silleta, which they then CARRY on their BACK for several kilometers. You have to see the photos to believe it. The coolest part of the event is the pride you see in the faces of the silleteros and the amazing, powerful support of the crowds as they cheer on the hundreds of flower farmers who participate in the event. There is no lack of love here in Medellín.

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