New Offer: Monogramming

I grew up in Texas and in Texas we like our names on everything we own. Remember when J. Crew started to offer monogramming? That very moment I placed an order for a bright pink "MKM" to be sewn onto turquoise shorts. True story.

I was inspired to start Azulina soon after I had a pitcher (see right) hand-painted and personalized in El Carmen de Viboral. It has an "M" on the handle and a wedding date below. It was such an exciting feeling to give my best friend a gift that was made just for her and not taken off a shelf somewhere.

In thinking about what we could do at Azulina to offer are really special experience we thought that you might like to have the opportunity to personalize a piece too. So starting today Azulina is now offering ceramics monogramming.

Let me explain how it works... 

Azulina offers monogramming on three different items, painted in any of the eight collections:

1. Everyday Mug Set (4 mugs)

2. Oval Serving Platter

3. Large Serving Pitcher (new item!)


Bride and Groom

Pricing & Ordering Details

Turnaround Time: 8-10 weeks (approx.)

Personalization Fee: $50 per item

Shipping: Free! 


To place an order send us an email at with the subject: Custom Order.

We can't wait to be a part of your gift-giving experience!


Con Mucho Amor, 


Founder, Azulina Ceramics



English and Spanish Monogramming Available

Prices vary based on the collection you order. You can reference our online shop to check. For example, if you would like to monogram a 13" Oval Serving Platter in Lima it would be $109 ($59 + $50 monogramming). Or if you would like to monogram an Everyday Mug Set in Amapola with the names of each person in your family that would be $162 ($112 + $50 monogramming). Don't forget, free shipping on all monogrammed pieces.

The Large Serving Pitcher is a new item. Pricing ranges from $115 - $160, depending on the design. To learn more send us a note and we'll respond within 24 hours,

If you are looking for a custom design or drawing we will quote pricing upon evaluating your request. 


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