Meet the Collection Series: Verano

Summer is finally here! And so is our ‘Meet the Collection’ series. 

So what exactly is the Meet the Collection series? 

Over the next several months we will share the background and fun facts on each of the eight Azulina collections. All of the collections are hand-painted by women artisans in Carmen de Viboral, some developed over 30 years ago (Clásico) while others as recently as December (Azulina and Amapola).

In honor of long days and sunshine we are initiating our ‘Meet the Collection’ series with our favorite collection for summer: Verano.

Verano Collection

Verano means summer in Spanish. The collection was designed by a well-known ceramics artist in Carmen de Viboral named José Ignacio Vélez. The colors are a contrast of classic cobalt blue and bright summer yellow, a happy combination that is wonderfully suited for breakfast in the garden or outdoor dinner parties. 


Look with detail at the photos of Verano and you’ll see a yellow flower within the blue brushstrokes. While Colombia's largest flower export is roses, carnations come in second place. In fact, Colombia is the world’s largest exporter of carnations. The yellow flower in the Verano Collection is a carnation flower.


And thus you have the Verano Collection.

Detail of Verano Plate

If you have been following Azulina’s progress thus far, you know that we are sending our very first container of dinnerware to the US at this very moment. We are excited to share that in under two weeks our online store will be open for business and the stores that carry our line will have Azulina in stock. 

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Hasta pronto!

Con Mucho Amor,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics

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