Knowing Your Source

We are often times asked about Azulina's origins and where we source our dinnerware. Thank you for your curiosity and for caring.

Azulina’s ceramic dinnerware products are handmade in Carmen de Viboral, a town of 45,000 inhabitants, founded in 1800. When you hear Colombia you probably think hot and muggy, but Carmen rests in a beautiful valley at about 7,000 feet and is mostly cool, dry and sunny. They have great hair weather!

There are a few factories in Carmen de Viboral that hand-make and hand-paint ceramic dinnerware. The factory I personally selected to produce Azulina’s products stands out for multiple reasons, the most important being two things: the quality of the work environment and the quality of the product.

I spent about eight months learning about the factory and its conditions before I decided to partner with them. I met with the owner for the first time last May. For me, it is critical that I know my supplier, not only for quality reasons but also to know how they manage and treat their employees. 

The factory is family-owned and has been in production for over 15 years. I love the energy there. There are 12 women artisans who are in charge of painting the dinnerware. Happy, well-paid and most importantly, well respected, each artisan brings years of knowledge and skill to their work. For most, hand-painting ceramics is a family tradition.

All the employees in the factory, including the artisans, are granted the minimum vacation days per year, 15 days, and earn at least the Colombian minimum salary which is around $500 dollars per month (that includes the value of all the benefits like healthcare, pension, paid vacation). Everyone who works in the factory is local and of working age. The factory is family-owned, as such the culture is very family-oriented.

Azulina’s ceramics are made with great care and in an environment that is healthy, professional and respectful. You can feel comfortable that you are buying a product that comes from a good place.

I stand behind my product and my source 100%. If you want to know more about Azulina’s ceramics, materials or labor please don’t hesitate to email me personally: melissa(at)



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Azulina Ceramics

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