A (Big) Year in Review: 2013

Want to hear a fun story?

At this same moment in time last year I was AGONIZING over what to do.

A few months prior I had started researching a new business idea: to import and sell hand-painted Colombian pottery in the USA.

Life pre-Azulina

Life pre-Azulina

Since October of 2011 I had been working in investor relations in MedellΓ­n, but in March of last year (2012) I had stumbled across some of the most beautiful pottery I'd ever seen. After a bit of research I found that these products had never been sold in the US.

My first ever Azulina business card.

I sent about 36 pieces of the pottery to labs in the US to test for food safety and durability--everything passed with flying colors.

I knew there would be a huge market. And I knew that I wanted to be a part of getting these ceramics into the hands of fellow pretty things-lovers.

So since May of last year I have been researching the industry, how to import ceramics into the USA, how to export ceramics out of Colombia (about as difficult as you are probably imagining), and how to get these ceramics into the hands of people who want them.

And come last New Years I had to make a big decision: was I really going to do this? how was I going to pay my bills? how on Earth was I going to get breakable pottery across the ocean in one piece? And the most difficult (for me), how am I going to approach my boss and tell him I am resigning?

One lesson my dad taught me during this time is still a great daily reminder: what you think will be the most difficult issue never is.

What azulina.com looked like back in January. Yikes!

What azulina.com looked like back in January. Yikes!

So I flew back to Colombia for NYE and the first week back at work I quit my job and started my dream life.

Best. Decision. Ever.

2013 has been the most life-changing year yet. I learn about 50 new things a day, I solve my own problems, I get to share in the joys of others who are just as giddy about pottery as I am and I get to live wherever on this planet I want to live: Colombia.

As for next year...I have so many fun things planned. We are working on a more simple collection that mixes and matches with our current collections, we are developing bigger serving pieces, we are launching a wedding gift registry, we are designing a 2014 holiday pattern and we're going to introduce a 2014 holiday ornament design (every year will be a new design!).

It all kicks off in just a couple weeks as we launch our line (holy cow!!) at the the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market.

My goal is that by this time next year Azulina is a household name and on every bride's wish list.

Another great quote by Poppa Moriarty:

  •  How do you eat an elephant?
  •  One bite at a time.

2014. Here we come, one bite at a time!

As for you--thank you for your purchases, your support, your cheerleading, your Facebook shares and likes, and most importantly, for your love.



Con Mucho Amor,


Founder, Azulina Ceramics

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