Melissa's First Trip to Colombia

Hola world!!

Azulina Ceramics is officially off the ground and our first ever 20-foot CONTAINER full of products will arrive on the east coast in just a few short weeks. The ceramics are absolutely beautiful and freezer/oven/microwave/dishwasher safe! We can’t wait to bring a little Colombian cheer into your homes.

It isn’t often that people wake up and decide to quit their job, move to Colombia and start a dinnerware company. So let me share a little about me, Azulina’s beginnings and how it all started.

My name is Melissa Moriarty and I am the founder of Azulina Ceramics.

Let’s rewind to MBA rejection letter 2 of 2, spring 2011….I was heart-broken, distraught and simply embarrassed. For moral support, I called my dad. His advice was to join my uncle, his identical twin brother, on one of his international work trips. I called Uncle Bob and within moments after we got off the phone I booked a trip to Medellín, Colombia.


We visited Medellín and Bogotá in June 2011 and I fell madly in love with the country. Colombia is so full of life, opportunity, cheer and kindness. The food is also delicious! Then and there I resigned from my job in consulting and moved south to work in investor relations. It was a little crazy and a major leap of faith.

Carmen de Viboral

Azulina was just a sparkle in my eye around this time a year ago. I came across a town called Carmen de Viboral, about one and a half hours outside of Medellín, as I was searching for a really special wedding present. My best friend Maggie was getting married and I had to find something both spectacular and Colombian. And that is when I found the gorgeous, hand-painted ceramics from Carmen de Viboral.

In addition to getting a couple wedding gifts, I also got a pretty blue and white coffee mug for myself (duh!). Every morning at the office I would start my day with a cup of coffee in my Carmen mug . I felt excited to use it. There is something inexplicably special about these ceramics, just as there is something really special about Colombia. The dinnerware is so uniquely beautiful and very “Colombian”. It too is full of cheer and life. And despite the incredible quality and beauty, these ceramics couldn't be found anywhere in Medellín, let alone the US. That's when I had my light-bulb moment.

After months of researching, studying and meeting with local factories I realized and confirmed that there was a tremendous opportunity to bring Carmen de Viboral ceramics to the US. And I found the perfect source: a small family-owned factory that contracts women artisans to paint each and every piece free-hand.

Azulina literally translates to “blue-ish”. The nickname for the town where the ceramics originate (Carmen) is La Perla Azulina del Oriente, “The Blue-ish Pearl of the East”, which is where the name Azulina comes from.

Melissa's Desk

In January of this year I resigned from my full-time job to start Azulina. Alongside my production team in Carmen de Viboral, we are just weeks away from finally introducing Azulina Ceramics to the US. How exciting is that??

Azulina will be available in stores all over the US and online. The Azulina Tienda, our online shop, will be going live within weeks. To receive email notifications about fun updates, like when the store goes live, signup in the form below!

Oh, and the blue and white mug? It's sitting right in front of me.

Con Mucho Amor,



Azulina Ceramics

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